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  Drawn 1st Saturday of each quarter
Full Bench Central Victoria Chardonnay 2013
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Chardonnay should be the very essence of approachability! It should provide levels of sublime depth and backbones of intrigue. The best chardonnays are memorable for so many reasons, I think this wine will become one of those firm favourites for you. This yummy wine is simply brilliant and clear in the glass. A delicate, light golden colour with light specks of green floating through. Herbaceous to the nose with lovely rockmelon and honeydew notes coupled with some delicate florals. There is a hint of gooseberry in there as well and a certain grassiness that rounds out the complex bouquet.
The palate is immediately enthused with an unctuous swirl and the weight is pretty much perfect with the melon, honeydew and some minerality and acid that keeps a subtle balance in the background. The flavours here are well formed, in fact, extraordinarily well formed for such a young wine. There is a gentle creaminess coupled with a generous oaky spice that is simply tantalising and keeps pulling you back for another look.
The finish is satisfying and one that lingers and lets you reflect on what a great wine this is. It is made up of malolactic creaminess caressed with gentle lime and honeydew notes. Enjoy!
WBW rating 92/100
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